About Us

Spellbound Body Essences started in October 2014, after several months of research and falling in love with handcrafted soaps and bath products. My inspiration was my eldest son, who for over a year and half was breaking out after the shower. We tried countless brands and switched to free and clear products for him but he would still break out in hives after the shower. One day I stopped at a store in downtown Olympia and saw some handmade oatmeal soap. I purchased it for him and it helped some. I began my research with soaps and bath bombs and decided to try and make it myself. My first two batches of soap came out beautiful and my bath bombs perfect. I went a little crazy at that point and decide to make christmas gifts early and had so much in product that i decided to start my own company. 

I am proud to have something that I love doing. It's just one more thing to add to the many blessings in my life such as being a wife and a mother to my three beautiful boys.